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Name of someone is an expert at portuguese Mudslides, and is proficient in the art of frotting
Hey, I love the way that you splatter my face with shit, you're such a Setch
by miggimoo July 17, 2008
Generic name given to a man who enjoys "funtime" with other homosexual men.
You been visiting that glory hole again? You're such a Funtime Phil
by miggimoo November 26, 2010
Person who is proficient at Portuguese Mudslides, and also excels in the art of frotting
Oh my, the way you have speckled my face with runny poo is so great, you're such a Setch
by miggimoo July 22, 2008
The action of keep looking out of the window when expecting snow, or when someone says its snowing. Becomes an automatic reaction after a while, hence Snow Tourettes.
Hey, why do you keep looking out of the window. Have you got Snow Tourettes?
by miggimoo December 01, 2010
Somebody who likes to be frotted with a frottage stick, such as a miggi.
Hey there dude, you look like a proper Biggi, you need a good frotting
by Miggimoo July 03, 2006

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