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An Experimental black metal band, famed for their strong hate towards society. Many live music videos of the band have been banned or removed on various websites such as YouTube.

No one really knows much information on the founding and present members... Most of their guitarists were either booted or left, however it has been rumored a previous guitarist has died by suicide.
President Lincoln: Now that's fucking music that will make your ears bleed.

Douche: My ears hurt, what is going on?

President Lincoln: You are listening to The Serraph.
by Captain Amurica January 02, 2010
It's all about rape.
Serraph... extremely messy and distorted sounding influenced by black metal and heavy punk.

Check them out:
by Frøy January 07, 2010
A kickass black metal band originally formed in North Europe by original members Oskaar and Daz.

Look them up, they are awesome!
Civilian 1: Hey asshole, that song you are listening to is fucking sick... who is it?

Civilian 2: Nordlands by Serraph!!!!!!
by Halsten December 19, 2009
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