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sergio (verb) Sir-Gee-Oh
To sergio is to steal hubcaps,wing-mirrors and basically anything while disguised as an Arab, English teacher with a scouse accent. Often done under the pretext of borrowing.
A."Will you stop Sergioing from me and give me my Borak CD back"
B."I'll bring it in tomorrow! Sorry,I'm very old and forgetfull"
A."Whatever, by the way, have you put on weight?"
by Tom Horton July 02, 2007
Sergio is the word for a tall, handsome guy who cares about his friends and family. He is usually working out and eating healthy. Everything around a Sergio is great. Sergios are good people to trust on.
A: Look at that Sergio!
B: yeah! I wish he would talk to me, he is the BEST!
by NenaB February 11, 2009
A good guy, who's always happy, trustworthy, and a great friend. He's chill as fuck, and will almost always see him smiling. Great person to have in your life.
Look at Sergio, he's such a good person. We should get to know him.
by NoPseudonymHere June 25, 2011
A Male who is extremely stylish, well groomed, has a serious take on fashion. Could also be very social, maintains a huge ego and will not hesitate to debate anyone on any subject. EX: Sergio Rossi, Kanye West, Ari Gold, Don Draper
Man: You read the Times huh? You read the New Republic?
Person: Uhh, I’ve heard of it.
Man: Well I was reading that, and it’s interesting ’cause what is says is that you don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about.

Woman: I want a raise!
Man: Your good, get better and stop asking for things.

A: Let me ask you something, what do woman want?
B: Who cares?
by SirEgo February 03, 2010
one who is DTF and is ahmazing in bedd and a popualr sexy man. everyone wants him!! and needs him!!!!
guy:hey its sergio!! why is he so popular??

guy2: i want to smurgie him
by jaqulyn1234 August 13, 2011
You lay your woman down, spread her legs, and prepare your "troops" for battle. You have all you need, a can of Crisco and no Trojan. At this point, her vagina is now like Niagra Falls. You salute your veiny soldier and send him into the battle field, but you come to realize that your soldier is packing too much heat. Only his tip enters the promise land filled with sweet, nectar dripping manna. but your soldier is persistent, he tries for fifteen seconds but does not fit. He is forced to retreat. The soldier is proud of his gerth but at the same time is disappointed in the fail. His ticket has been punched to the blue ball express because you penetrated but did not recieve the angelic explosion of sex.
Dude, my balls are in so much pain because I had a Sergio when I tried to fuck her.
is cool and funn
like sergio
by koko puffs April 04, 2011
a pretty chill guy, there when you need him, sometimes unappreaciated, synonym for awesome, anyone who knows a sergio will die for him, sometimes sergios are a little too honest with those around him
person a: i need advice on something
person b: i'm horrible at advice, you should talk to sergio

about it
by mark twain456 July 13, 2011