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An AMAZING science fiction movie by Joss Whedon based on the TV show 'Firefly'.

Serenity is based about 500 years in the future, where the government totally takes over human kind and where the human kind exists in multiple solar systems. It focuses in on Serenity, a spaceship where Mal, Inara, Wash, Zoe, Kaylee, Jayne, and Book live as they try to avoid the Alliance. They pick up two people: River, who was experimented on and tortured into insanity by the Alliance, and Simon, her brother who rescued her. They are both wanted fugitives and must avoid the Alliance at all costs, even if that puts Serenity's crew in danger.
Serenity quotes:

Wash: This landing is going to get very, very interesting.
Mal: Define interesting.
Wash: Oh God, oh God we're all gonna to die?

Mal: How about you, darling, ready to go?
River: There's no pattern to the pebbles here… It's all completely random. I tried to count them but you drove too fast. Hummingbird.
Mal: Right, let's go.

(While being attacked)
Simon: My one regret in all of this is never being with you.
Kaylee: With me? You mean to say, as in... sex?
Simon: I mean to say—
(Kaylee cocks her gun.)
Kaylee: Hell with this. I'm gonna live!

Mal: Do you want to be in charge of this ship?!
Jayne: Yeah!
Mal: Well... you can't...
by erg;auehr;goaehrugaeorugpgpeUG September 07, 2011
81 50
Midbulk Firefly-Class transport with a standard radion-
accelerator core, classcode 03-
There's no place I can be, since I found Serenity.
by Hydragon March 11, 2005
699 150
1.Is one fine piece of bootaay.
2.Knows how to make someone laugh.
3.Is freaking AWESOME.
Damn, look at Serenity her booty today its smokin'
by ghgbjehrbgj November 03, 2010
157 135
An awesome Thai girl who is an intense reader. She reads at least 1,000 pages in a day and writes 2,000 words all in a days work. All the boys can't resist her.
Guy1: Oh wow. Look a Serenity.
Guy2: She's so awesome.
by Fixxe February 03, 2012
70 62
Serenity, a hot girl who's constantly brain fried thinking all the world is instead. Refusing to acknowledge she is cute in the least. She is engaged to your close friend who is like a brother. Great girl, fun to be around, funny, and a chibi. TINY MEANY CHIBI! CHIBI! CHIBI SERENITY! CHIBI MIKO!
example can't be blank huh? And has to include the name Serenity..
by Kambeicallsyouchibi! July 27, 2010
66 100
Said to be weed that doesn't show up on drug tests. However, that's complete shit because THC only doesn't show up if it's not there and THC-less weed isn't weed.
"Hey, can you get me some serenity?"

"I can get you some reallly dank shit but not any of that fake stuff."

(the wanna be stoner sits quietly, confused because he/she is a dumbass)
by meggiedough November 08, 2009
72 125
(1) The state of mind where some is calm and placid.

(2) In Yu-Gi-Oh!, Joey's (Jounouchi) blind sister who is born with an eye defect and that is recified by an expensive operation paided for by his brother. Tristan (Honda) and Duke Devlin (Otagi) wants to date or lay her.
(1) Nicholas Abercrombie, the precocious, astute prodigy, express serenity when taking the aptitude test while being surrounding by a myriad of inept students.

(2) Serenity is born with a genetic or congenital defect.
by JoshMiller April 17, 2004
107 167