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Boys from the ages 11-23 who sit on Urban Dictionary learning the names and definitions of every single outrageous sexual acts when they themselves can't even speak to girls, let alone fuck one.
When Bob isn't playing World of Warcraft he likes to memorize the names of sex acts like alaskin fire dragon, spanish blindfold , tea bagging, Cleveland Steamer, cincinatti bowtie. Bob should just set his goals on getting basic skeezer pussy, because he's fugly and none of this will ever happen for him. ever. This is the basic lives of all of the Serds out there.
by Pepsix February 25, 2009
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To humiliate someone in a grand fashion. See served
You suckas are just mad, 'cause you just got serd.
by Serway Faughn June 04, 2005
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when you masturbate to hard and blood comes out your dick hole
today i was in the bathroom stroking my dick and i got a massive serd.
by daniel grenich December 19, 2006
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