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When you are reading a definition of something and it has several slang words in the definition of on the page itself that you become curious of and then search there definition, this cycle can last for several hours if one is not careful.
While reading the definition of 80 Flight Hoe and then had to Definition-Chain the word skeezer which then leaded me to become curious of the word Wall Slider which leaded me to the definition on wall socket sex and so on and so forth.
by Pepsix February 25, 2009
Dude with Boobs. Not a pretty sight when at the beach. It's a little unfair us girls have to cover-up when fatass doob-man gets to flant his stuff all over the place.
by Pepsix March 23, 2009
Boys from the ages 11-23 who sit on Urban Dictionary learning the names and definitions of every single outrageous sexual acts when they themselves can't even speak to girls, let alone fuck one.
When Bob isn't playing World of Warcraft he likes to memorize the names of sex acts like alaskin fire dragon, spanish blindfold , tea bagging, Cleveland Steamer, cincinatti bowtie. Bob should just set his goals on getting basic skeezer pussy, because he's fugly and none of this will ever happen for him. ever. This is the basic lives of all of the Serds out there.
by Pepsix February 25, 2009
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