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A creature of Annanisatayim . Normally Seraps are very shy creatures, and at times very weird. Some Seraps like to be very generic while others strive to be different. One must approach a Serap with caution as they can pounce at any time, sprinkling their home made coleslaw (which they see as a defence mechanism) on to ones scalp. The word Serap also means weird.
Tourist of ananisatayim - "She is sprinkling coleslaw on everyone"

Native of ananisatayim "yes, I see, she is acting very Serap today"
by Serd July 03, 2012
15 4
Serap is THE hottest girl in this whole damn universe! And EVERY universe! She is one of the nicest, prettiest girls you will know and she is a complete pervert and/or stalker. Be careful, she's weird, but everyone will love her!
This is one chick who is AMAZING in bed! She will do ANY position! She knows what she's doing ;D
Damn, check out that hottie! She's a Serap for sure!
by Rin Kaga May 14, 2012
7 7