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The part of your toe that you stub.
Dude I just stubbed my toe right on the Senn.
by whichwaywoahsway August 01, 2009
4 5
Senns is a common abbreviation for the Sennheiser brand of quality headphones.
"Dude, I just got my senns."
"Sweet. What model?"
"They're HD280s."
"Nice, how are they?"
"Bury me this these cans."
by CSB September 20, 2004
9 1
That Damn sticky stuff on the side of a toilet that has not been cleaned for about two millennia. Set in it actually changes the chemical composition of the toilet and the entire toilet then can be classified as a senn. Cleaning just one of the sides of the toilet is not good enough to remove senn, the entire toilet must be cleaned using a power washer using pure bleach as the liquid and a pressure slightly higher then the center of the sun.
That chick stuck to me like senn.

I couldn’t shake that senn feeling.

Shifty was eying the broad, he was senning the situation.
by Master Wonken October 16, 2007
7 10