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Senns is a common abbreviation for the Sennheiser brand of quality headphones.
"Dude, I just got my senns."
"Sweet. What model?"
"They're HD280s."
"Nice, how are they?"
"Bury me this these cans."
by CSB September 20, 2004
That Damn sticky stuff on the side of a toilet that has not been cleaned for about two millennia. Set in it actually changes the chemical composition of the toilet and the entire toilet then can be classified as a senn. Cleaning just one of the sides of the toilet is not good enough to remove senn, the entire toilet must be cleaned using a power washer using pure bleach as the liquid and a pressure slightly higher then the center of the sun.
That chick stuck to me like senn.

I couldn’t shake that senn feeling.

Shifty was eying the broad, he was senning the situation.
by Master Wonken October 16, 2007
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