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It's Located squarely between Bumfuck and You Got A Perdy Mouth. Seneca WI is a hick town full of:

-Wanna be gangster shit
-Drunks, both under and over age
-About 3 awesome people
-and One black person for every 1000 white people
(^ FYI theres only like 300 people there)
The school system there is great, the athletics are superb, but this teacher the Troll,she resides in the computor lab and is a bitch is a bitch. extremely dangerous ...kill on sight she is the unholy off spring of death, lightning, and a giant ant who didnt wear protection. Leaders are like girls without STD's we don't have them in Seneca....but There's cookies in the vending machine, and assholes in the hall,everyone hates at least on person who shall not be named.... shes Really ACting like a wHorE aLot and REally GEts on my neRves......Last tip....don't drop the soap in this school.
-Seneca WI......oh yeah its near bumfuck right?
by IFUCKEDUP1 November 02, 2011

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