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A small town near Buffalo,NY. It is a great town where everyone knows eveyone. Has alot of great athletes, smart people. Despite many insults, is the best town ever. There is a large rivalry between the two school, WS East and WS West
Hey dude, where do you live now?
West Seneca
Hey cool, thats a great town!
by bfflowings February 15, 2011
a town in the Buffalo metropolitan area that no one gives a dam about. Where most of the South Buffalo Irish move to and call it moving up. Hometown of Tim Russert. Often associated with the Buffalo Wings and O.J. Simpson.
Person: "Where are you from?"
You: "West Seneca."
Person : "Oh, What's there?"
You: "Well, nothing, but it's right outside of Buffalo."
Person: "Oh. You've got some good chicken wings."
You: *sigh* "Yeah"
by Vixenhottie October 03, 2008
a shitty small ass town directly next to South Buffalo. Has the highest population of polish people in the world next to Poland. Go through the phone book and count the number of "ski"s you see at the end of each name. and get into arguments about someone's last name is "zewski" and they say "shefski".

The only place somewhat close to interesting is the southgate plaza. The town was rated the #1 town in New York State to raise a family. Ya know why? Cause NOTHING HAPPENS HERE!
Yo man where you from?
Ugh, West Seneca
by sfr316 January 26, 2011
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