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a commonly misspelled bosnian name. autocorrect chages it to 'send' even though the person being defined is actually named 'Senad'. he is one of the best guy friends EVER. hes smart, funny, sick-minded, short (but growing!), and cute (in a little kid way. or a teddy bear way). quite badass at times, but also can be a fail. loved by many, and has many great friends. favorite words are 'whore', 'slut' and 'hoe'. if you dont know a Senad, go to bosnia and find one, bring him back home, and make him your best friend.
kid: hey! its hug an asian day, so let me hug you!
Senad: but i'm not asian...?
kid: yeah you are. bosnia is in asia.
Senad: no. its in europe.
kid: *feeling like a fail* well never mind then...
by just-around-the-corner March 25, 2011
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