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Seminole Nole (AKA SN), is an online information page that reports the scandalous, insipid, and somtimes fabricated activites performed by the residents of Sanford & Lake Mary Florida.

SN is a gossip site. Thousands of facebook friends, twitter followers, and formspring creeps submit what they believe is newsworthy enough to the page, in hopes that whoever is running the site will publish they're (again, mostly fabricated) stories, and the submitee will gain they're five minutes of fame.

The Site is claimed to be run by a group of upper-class girls from Seminole High School, and have several crude imitators such as 'Criminole Nole' and the 'Lake Mary Ram' page; none of these pages is as popular as the SN.

The page still remains active to this day, highlighting the recent news of who-gave-sabrina-herpes news, and otherwise teen-related dramatics.

Check out Seminole Nole, Yo
by 01201993 July 26, 2011
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