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The act of controlling ones impulse to take a picture of themself.
Guy 1: Man you almost got hit by a car trying to take that selfie, you need to have some selfie control.

Guy 2: Yeah, but I looked good though.
by J&SilentRubob November 11, 2013
When you take an amazing selfie but decided wait a few days to post it on social media because you've already posted too many pictures, status updates, selfies, etc. recently.
"Omg I love this selfie of me! I look so good! I think I'm going to post it on Instagram."

"Dude have some selfie control. You've put up 2 statuses, 1 selfie, and 3 group photos in 4 days. You gotta chillax or people are going to think you have no life."
by Ramnation1 November 10, 2014
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