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The act of removing one's own testes, normally caused by overexposure to emasculating content.
Shane performed a self-castration after watching "twilight".
by Dr. Skinner April 19, 2010
1. To remove one's own genitals with a knife or their teeth.
I will self castration myself.
by Darnie June 25, 2004
This word is already defined, but it means to remove one's own genitals (with a knife or their teeth). It is said that you can see more than enough of this on Pain Olympics (I don't even want to watch it and find out...) Honestly, anyone who engages in this instantly deserves a Darwin Award...
Two people observe a crackhead with a knife.
Person A: Holy shit! He's got a knife!! What do we do?
Person B: Stay out of sight. Be ready to call the cops if he starts something.

Person A: Sounds like a good idea. But, what if he attacks us? Do you know any martial arts or have a gun?
Person B: Yes and yes. For now, we just watch...
*a few moments later*
Person A and B simultaneously "puke their guts out"
Person B: That crackhead just performed self-castration! Quick! Hand him a Darwin Award!!
by Juggernaut2010 January 16, 2012
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