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A male taking a photo of his genitals and sending it to another in text message or other form of social media. See also "dick pic"
While I was at work, I received an unwanted Self-D from this random guy on Tinder.
#selfie #dick pic #penis #junk #genitals
by Huffnstuff January 01, 2015
Derivitave of Self-Owned. For one to harm oneself unintentionally physically or mentally.
At Miles wedding, his fly was down the entire time. After sending out the wedding photos to his friends and family, he realized that his jimmy was viewable in the photos. He was self'd.

Jimmy chased the ball into the street and got hit by a car! -SELF'D!
#self'd #selfd #self own #self owned #own #pwnd
by mmedenbach December 21, 2006
To be owned by ones own self.

To commit an act of such stupidity that you utterly humiliate yourself.
Person A: My wife is going to Lollapalooza with 7 dudes.

Person B: Ha Ha! SELFD!
#own #owned #pwned #pwnd #ownage
by Jaydreb March 20, 2007
When you take a selfie of your cock.
I woke up this morning with the most perfect morning wood and had to take a self-d of it for the achieves.
#cock #selfie #dick #penis #hogg
by moss1972 June 13, 2015
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