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when reading others previous comments on a post board, forum, bulliten, etc. you comment underneath them and just comment on the board(or whatever it is) to yourself about whatever they were saying or just something completely random a few times.
Clara: haha did you see that hottt guy?
(about 12 hours later...)
Danica: haha yeah he wasn't Clara!
Clara: yeah huh!

(about 36 hours later)
Isabella: now, explain Clara and Danica, what did he look like!?
Isabella: I bet he was hot.
Isabella: Dude, did you guys see that one dude at the fair?

Isabella: Oh great. I have to go.
(about 2 hours later...)
Danica: Isabella, wow. You were having another Self Conversation.
Danica: Nice Job.
Danica: OH NO! Now I'm having one.
(bout 1 hour later..)
Clara: haha what losers.
by greenissocool14 August 22, 2009
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