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The male or female commenter who first used the term "assholebergers" in reference to people who were not actually suffering with aspeberger's syndrome, but rather were simply assholes in either late 2008 or early 2009 on the web site "Ridiculopathy". Although their use of the term was the first of its kind, a man by the name of "the coolest motherfucker I am" polished off the definition by adding the lack of aspeberger's-type intelligence to the definition and submitting it to Urban Dictionary in 2011. But Selenya's was the first recorded use of the word.
Selenya: Wanna have sex?

cthe oolest motherfucker I am: Only if you're a woman. And only in your ear.
by the coolest motherfucker i am January 01, 2011
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