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A famous movie star in Gone With The Mind. Her character is a leading role that ends up in a straight jacket institutionalized. After she's released from the mental ward, she simply goes back to her old ways of bar hopping, fist fights with a figment of her imagination, and sometimes will throw blows with grown men. The movie ends with her reinstitutionalized from having yet another fight with a figment of her imagination. Her condition is also known as bat shit crazy.
"I can't stand your ex, I'm gonna kick her ass!", said Selena. "Who? There's no one there and why do you insist on being bat shitty crazy?", said her petrified boyfriend of less than 2 weeks.
by Raiders!!!!!!! April 02, 2011
109 108
A cool bitch. I lied about the cool part.
Selena is here.
by TurksAndCaician September 11, 2013
30 36
Selena Quintanilla was an immensely talented, Grammy-winning Tejano singer from Corpus Christi, TX, who learned Spanish phonetically as a teen. She was a rising star in the Latin music world and was about to crossover to the pop mainstream with an English album, when she was gunned down by an obsessed fan at a Corpus Christi Days Inn in March of 1995. Selena was only 23. Jennifer Lopez got her big break portraying Selena in a biopic titled SELENA. Her music continues to sell and thousands of fans still visit her statue and museum in Corpus. She also happens to be Selena Gomez's namesake.
Selena is the only reason J.Lo is famous.
by Lizard_King101 July 14, 2010
109 143
bad singer of Disney Channel,bad actress,b***h,ugly
"we saw horrible selena"
by oitsmine October 12, 2011
73 125
Selena is the definition of a hoe/whore/slut.. selena's love dicks and are desperate bitches
That girl " Selena " is such a desperate bitch , hoe , slut , no booty
by haylen October 27, 2012
45 110
Self centered and boy crazed, whore and really annoying. Just stay away from them, they just suck up your time and annoy the shit out of everyone around. They whine bitch and moan about random boys and she's too dramatic with everything.
Do yourself a favor, stay away from that Selena girl.
by number 00.7 August 11, 2011
32 99
Smelling of shit, discust. Probably has a black vagina.
Guy 1: "Dude, did you really fuck Selena last night?!?!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, her vagina was totally stinky and black"
Guy 1: "Dayyyuumm"
by Itsmelledlikefish911 June 05, 2011
15 82