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1) A manga that started production in late 2004, and began production of anime in 2008.

2) A "more adult" version of the popular anime and manga Zatch Bell, using many of the same themes just with breasts instead of dolls. Many fans/critics know the show as Snatch Bell.

3)A fighter for their Ashikabi overlords. Also called Pimpamon.
1) Guy one: Ohai bro! Did you see that there Sekirei episode?
Guy two: Lol yeah, fapped soooo hard.

2) News Reporter: This just in, Zatch Bell was just surpassed in popularity by the up and coming... Snatch Bell, you heard it here first folks, watch it for the plot!

3) Sekirei: Ohai Master after I shoot lightning from my boobies, wanna fuck hard?
Ashikabi: Lol yup. awesome.jpg
by Horse the Fan June 20, 2011
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