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1. V. To mentally castrate for the purpose of enjoyment.

2. V. To destroy the mind and soul with unnecessary application of useless utilities. (i.e. calculus)
My calculus teacher decided to Sefton all of us with a mind blowing problem that even he could not solve.
by Seftonman December 01, 2009
1.a natural born playa
2.a pervert
3.a place in australia
damn hes so sefton!
that sefton bastard grabbed my boob!
by OLD John for the block April 02, 2008
1.) a complete white pedophile
2.) a guy who stocks 17 year olds and is 21
3.) he prank calls people all the time and is a creep
5.) wishes they were black
6.) takes pictures in his underwear

7.) definition of a creep
8.) pillhead
Sefton: heyyyy sexy

girl: no response

Sefton: holla AT ME

girl: you're a creep

Sefton: get wet now

girl: you scare me

Sefton: you're beautiful :-)
by popovov October 22, 2010
School bully , often bullying autistic children. They tend to hang around computers and are often seen with hilbilly cousin. They usualy move on wheels to and from the bullying grounds. They hate teachers of all sort but primarily english teachers named Crean
Sefton : Fuck you autistic fuck

Karl (autistic): leave me alone

Crean (teacher): Hey he has had enough bullying

Sefton: What kunt ... Lets goo

Sefton: r r r r r r r r r r r r <2 minutes later> r r r r Review
by Den victim September 22, 2008
1. a fat lard-ass of a man who's into little boys

2. fat, putrid motherfucker

that michael is a real sefton.
by d chow May 09, 2006
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