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sexy+scene+emo= seemo. somebody who is a sexy scene or emo kid. (being called seemo is a good thing)!
dayum did you see that seemo kid? :D

wow, that shirt is soo seemo.

my new hair is so seemo!
by your mother was here May 23, 2008
one who dresses emo but not really depressed. look up definition for emo and scene for better understanding.
p1. Dude ur emo.
p2. No im scene.
p1. So ur seemo.
by DustBag Dolgera August 22, 2007
A term used to define someone who appears to be making a mediocre attempt to emulate the emo fashion, but is actually Hispanic with naturally black hair, or is feebly adorned with fragments of clothing and accessories extracted from 90s antisocial subcultures (see homeless). Gracefully rides the tidal waves betwixt emo fashion and Ollie's 5-for-$1 pseudojean pants.
"I thought that chick in Chemistry was hella emo, but then the teacher asked ESPERANZA if she could browse through her ESL folder."


"No, that guy's not going to want a ticket to Warped Tour; his grandmother bought him that shirt from Kohl's."

by Lurvula July 12, 2008
A person that acts emo, but does not appear to be. ie does not dress dark, have their hair grown over part or all of their face, and/or cut themselves on a regular basis.
"Allison is kinda seemo."
"What's that?"
"Go to, nub."
by William Wise September 14, 2006
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