A relationship in which two people love each other so strongly that they cannot contain it.
Awe their love is so seedy!
by Stretchalufagus bubba September 20, 2014
Adj. Used to described a dirty, infectious place. From the term 'seed' used to describe semen.
Don't sit there; it looks seedy.
by NyQ February 14, 2005
As in something disgusting
"I aint touching that it looks ssseeeeeeedy!"
by Dave May 09, 2003
Stephen Peters
Seedy Guy That Goes To AC
by JamesMcDonald1997 December 29, 2011
Someone who pretends to be gay, or makes 'Seedy gesture' eg. Cute bum.

Or someone who has something 'seedy' about them, like a dirty pedo moe.
someone who gets with a lot younger people, or extremely older is considered 'Seedy'.
someone who gets with lots of opposite sex
someone who txts lots of the opposite sex
old male to youngish female, "you have a cute bum", smacks her on the ass. <--- very seedy
by Seedy mc Seed August 04, 2010
Phil is so damn seedy in this photo!
by big trev September 03, 2008
anything that isnt wonderful
stateschool people, gangsters (usually stateschool people aswell which is bonus seedage), dirty busses, seedy places; inala, woodridge, train stations and drunk southbank hobos.
by leah-anne-z August 14, 2006

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