derogatory towards women:
see (C) you (U) next (N) tuesday (T)
a sort of acronym using sounds and the initials of the last to
letters to mean cunt
alright we're done fucking, now you can leave...see you next tuesday
by k-buckley August 09, 2007
A fashioncore grind band from bay city, michigan. A bear does vocals for them and they are only known for thier number 1 hit song entitled "8 dead, 9 if you count the fetus". Overall they are a bunch of sweet d00ds.
BR00t@l d00d: Hey ya going to the see you next tuesday show next week.
random man with a gravey stain on his shirt: I dunno but I'll be sure to see YOU next tueday ahaha. *winks*
by Saihttam Elborts June 04, 2006
What is said at the end of most Rick Mercer episodes.
Im rick mercer, and see you next tuesday
by Lifejacket Barbara February 07, 2015

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