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1. The inept white trash that join the Free Masons, thinking they'll get all kinds of special privileges. 2. Any masonic lodge comprised of mostly non-college educated dip shits.
definition 1.

dip shit 1: My monthly dues are as much as the lot rent at my trailer park. It's worth it if the brotherhood can protect my meth lab from the DEA.

dip shit 2: Why do all of the guys in city lodges call us the Secret Simpletons Society?

dip shit 1: I think that's our codename. I'll have to go Google it.

definition 2.

urban mason: God am I sick of visiting these Secret Simpletons Society lodges. They always need rides. I got my Bentley Continental detailed twice to get get their stink out of it.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic October 30, 2010
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