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The hottest guitar/back-up singer.
The best member of Simple Plan, eh.
Seb Lefebve's real name is Sebastien Lefebve.
by Jennifer December 25, 2003
1) Hot Guitarist
3) Likes Soda, not pop.
4) Good kisser
Tom Gryskiewicz likes Seb Lefebvre
by Tom December 14, 2003
The hottest,best guitarist,coolest person in the world!!!!!!!!He's SexXy!!!!
Seb was born June 5,1981!
by katie* January 08, 2004
Seb! lol my fave! im a HUGE fan of simple plan!!! hes really sweet from wat the band says and stuff, he seems like it 2 cuz i got the dvd... he rox my sox! he cares bout all his fans.... he was born june 5, 1981, he lives when he's not wrkin in Montreal, Canada (i got his phone # and address!! lol look it up in canada 411 if u want it...) hes a awesum guitar player and he also duz back vocals! i gots more info but i dunno if ya wanna hear it so byez!
kelsey: Seb's so awesum! the next time i go 2 another concert im sooo ganna talk 2 him!!

Danielle: omg me 2! but i'll talk 2 pierre first!

Kelsey: i play drums now. mehe.
by *!!Kelsey!!* May 25, 2004
Guitarist for Simple Plan
Likes sushi
Loves David with all his heart
Sebastien is David's blue-eyed boy.
by sebas of June 23, 2004
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