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The most fun. Intelligent and charming. She's gorgeous, athletic and most importantly a feminist. She's a great friend and dispenses great advice via text.
Always blonde, never a dumpy brunette
See a Seanna if you need advice.
by gfems December 08, 2010
Meaning gracious or merciful

An awesome person that isn't a tard and loves Paramore. Doesn't mind telling people what she thinks of them.
Hey were you talking to Seanna last night?

Yeah she was telling everyone what she thought of where she lives
by Paper Raper April 09, 2011
Seanna is a fun and sweet girl. Very athletic mostly into cheerleading. Always care about her friends and family. Always wants to get better on school, sports, and more. If you need someone to talk to talk to Seanna.
Hey, what's wrong?
My pet died.

You should talk to Seanna about it.
by Freespirit. December 26, 2014
A girl who will offer her vagina for pennies on the dollar. also defined as a whore who fakes being pregnant multiple times, and teaches girls how to give sexual favors.
Sam: Hey did you hear about Dillon?
Lacey: No, what happened?
Sam: His girlfriend pulled a Seanna


Sam: It happened so fast
Lacey: did Seanna teach you that? (STMT)
by friend-of-the-week October 09, 2010

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