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1. A neon child who loves octoberness and Katy Perry,

2. Among those who have killed the weasel. (see Seal, Penguin, Pladypus, Frog, etc)

3. Literally, "a fucked-up mutation between a seahorse and a chaemeleon."
1. KID 1: Whoa, that boy has really blonde hair!
KID 2: Yeah, he's a seameleon, ftw!!!!

2. "The seal, penguin, pladypus, frog, naraffe, and i (the seameleon) have killed a weasel."

3. see a picture of the pokemon Horsea. then mix it with a picture of a chaemeleon. you'd get a pretty good idea
by ryanastaseaya November 25, 2009
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