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When your girl isnt in the mood and rolls over. well her mistake! She passes out and you proceed to wack off, when you about to nut, you aim right between her ass cheecks. When she wakes up, she will be opening your sealed envelope
Wendy wouldnt bang me last night, so I gave her a sealed envelope.
by Jay G. January 28, 2004

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An act performed immediately after sex; moments before achieving male orgasm, the man pulls out and shoots his load into the crevice of the girls ass. Afterwards, he presses her ass cheeks together for an undetermined amount of time. When he lets go, her cheeks will be stuck together, thus forming a sealed envelope.
After mom went to work, I shot my load between Van's ass cheeks and gave her a sealed envelope. She was waddling around like a penguin.
by D.H.G. August 31, 2008