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Another way of saying tuna
"I'm gonna make a sandwich. You want one?"
"What have you got?"
"Ham or sea chicken."
"Sea chicken all the way!"
by seany87 February 11, 2010
The Seattle Seachickens are mostly known for playing football in the rain and getting beaten by the Chicago Bears. They are horrible at football and only whent to the Superbowl once. And they lost.
Oh man, Did you see the Seachickens game last night?

Yeah dude..The bears totally beat them.
by Honours Kid November 04, 2007
A professional football team in the nfl located in seattle, Washington. This term is to refer how much this team lacks in the superbowl department. Seachickens refer to how the referees "cheated" them out of the superbowl against the pittsburgh steelers.
"man dude, you were being such a seachicken!" "it was the refs, they cheated us!" *usually seachicken's fans have annoying high pitched voices*
by crotch Kicker February 03, 2008

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