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When fucking a girl that is so fat, you cant kiss her and bang her at the same time. Therefore you act as a seasaw, creating a back and fourth motion between kissing and fucking.
That girl I took home from the bar was so fat, I had to seasaw her.
by Dirty hubblo January 23, 2010
having sex with a woman missionary style while wearing a strap on dildo backwards and having sex with another woman behind you.... the sea saw...
Wow, that guy had a sea saw threesome with those two girls last night.
by heyguys123 May 15, 2010
A special taunt (founded in Halo) where one player tea bags the opponent's head while another player alternates the up-and-down motion at the player's feet. Thereby giving the effect of using the opponent's dead body as a see saw. Can be used in combination with jumping and giggling.
We're tied at three tea bags each, but one of ours was a sea saw, that counts for five points.
by CTF BG 4v4 February 04, 2013
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