The sea which seperates Korea and Japan (thank God).
Japanese guy: I'm so glad the Sea of Japan exists. Otherwise there would be Koreans all over the place.
by dudeinwales October 23, 2006
Top Definition
A misnomer endorsed by the Japanese government itself and supported by the majority of the gullible and uneducated population of Japan with no regards to history whatsoever.
The Japanese think that the so called "sea of japan" is the body of water between S.Korea and Japan. However, that body of water has been called the East Sea (in relation to Korea) for over 2000 years and represented in maps both in Europe as well as Japan as the EAST SEA.
Dumb Avg. Jap: Herro, i gous pishin to da shea of japaaaan!!!

Rare, educated Jap: What you idiot?

Dumb Avg. Jap: Da see of japan raer i goin pish!

Rare, educated Jap: You're a fool. The "Sea of Japan" is non existent. It's made up by our incompetent, dumb government. It's been called the East Sea for 2000 years and recorded on European maps as the East Sea since the 16th cent. People like you are the reason why our population as a whole is regarded to be dumb and ignorant.

Dumb Avg. Jap: Noooooooouuu! Eberybady call it da Shea of Japan! Japanesh Wocks!!

Rare, educated Jap: smh, smh.
by unbiasedguyyy July 29, 2010
Area of sea in between Japan and Korea
This name has long been used everywehre in the world, probably execpt in the Korean peninsula.
by mawa September 07, 2003
The area of ocean which otherwise would simply be a part of Pacific Ocean were it not for Japan's presence. The term "East Sea," recently coined by ignorant Koreans to replace "Sea of Japan," is neither appropriate or accurate, and has obviously nothing whatsoever to do with "Japanese occupation" during WWII, which itself is a total hoax.
Sea of Japan has been there for centuries, and will be there for many more to come.
by Usotsuki Chong Shine September 06, 2003
Area of sea in between Japan and Korea
This name has been used over Centuries and should remain as it is.
by Whale Watcher June 05, 2003
Sea of Japan is Sea of Japan.
There is no such thing as the East Sea.
My hometown is on the Sea of Japan.
by KRHimself April 04, 2004
the body of water between Korea and Japan. Area:391,100 sq. mi./1,012,945 sq. km.
The Sea of Japan is labelled as the East Sea in Chinese maps dating to the 14C. and the term Sea of Korea, Sea of China, Sea of Japan, Oriental Sea are all found in European maps dating before the 20C.
by J RO May 24, 2005
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