A mating dance that resembles the walk of a crab usually preformed by young venezuelan imigrant males while on vacation in a heavily female populated resort.
Ian often would scuttle over to where all the fine lookin ladies were.
by Big J W September 18, 2007
The smooth, not so subtle slide between people blocking your way to what you want. for example your beer, that hot looking bitch, ect.
Hey man, lets scuttle and see if we cant hit that.
by Bubba J September 18, 2007
To empty the contents of a cup upon your head during a boat race. In most circumstances, an illegal maneuver.
Don't scuttle because you'll smell like beer for the rest of the night.
by thetruthlives February 27, 2008
how cute little texan girls leave the room
"did ya see that cute girl from houston? boy did she scuttle out of here fast."
by skjfsfsd September 10, 2007
Scuttle; Men only - On entering public toilets, if there is space at a urinal and the bloke entering goes into a cubicle instead of stepping up to the free urinal, he has just performed a 'scuttle'
Oi mate, no need to scuttle!!
by afrosoul September 10, 2007
You're titty fucking a girl reverse.. that is to say that your balls are hanging in her face.
I Scuttled her good!
by StONY January 25, 2004
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