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A dirty boy or girl who has not bathed, changed their clothing and possibly has numerous STDS.
That kid will stick his dick in anything, he is such a scurv. ( Scott )
by Sally Johanssen April 15, 2005
Anyone who is white trash, lives in a trailer park, has a Mullet, Wears NASCAR or Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 shirts, Smells like shit, never shaves, stupid, is pregnant or gets someone pregnant befor the age of 20, dosn't know what politically correct means, cant tell if he/she is drinking water, piss or beer, puts Ds on the broken Refrigerator, u get it.
That kid is a big scurv.
by Hans A July 25, 2006
1970's term for who are now referred to as burnouts and dirtbags.
"You know that new kid around the corner? The one with the hippie parents? He's a real cigarette smoking Scurv!"
by Carl J. Maltese April 10, 2007
(N) A person who does not practice hygiene whatsoever, among other things (a high school diploma, safe sex, clothes, etc.)
Damn, that scurv means business.
by MadDawg2020 July 13, 2011
A Person With Clamidia or other greasy STD's
Beat it you scurv dog

Dude shese so hot!, ya but she has the scurv so triple wrap that shit
by Johnnnn67 August 12, 2010
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