Something that is scary but funny at the same time.
When we broke into that house it was so scunny!
by Jimmerr August 28, 2009
Top Definition
Popular abbreviation for the Noth Lincolnshire town of "Scunthorpe". Not to be confused with "Scummy" or "Scumthorpe".
We're off to sunny scunny!
by Ssiidd October 28, 2006
when the sun shines on a clapped out SCUMBAG estate,scunny is the SLANG TERM used to describe this..
criaghh:oight im ere yea it real scunny innit mate??

divvy: wot u crackin on to me mate??

by wotananimalshoothimiwantsupper April 19, 2009
A cross-breed between Scally and Cunt
Scunny is the appropriate derogatory insult for a Chav that probably has crusty genetalia. Can also be used informally between friends. Use creatively to enhance sentences and mix and match to create the most effective insults.
You scunny cunt
I bet she's a right scunny cow
You dirty scunny bastard
by Chris 'n' Rosey March 14, 2005
A thotty, slutty person
Did you see that scunny hitting on jake
by Noodlebendoodlr August 18, 2015
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