a company that is viewed by the public as having scummy ways.
John Paul DuZines Tiger Designs is a massive scumpany.
They made me pay for $80 for 60g overweight handlugage.
Mass scump!
by PW11LY February 13, 2010
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Top Definition
The companionship of vile and degenerate individuals.
Guy 1: Hey buddy wanna watch Shrek 2 tonight
Guy 2: Sorry man I'm thinking of visiting the emporium of sexual depravity
Guy 1: Righteous dude can I come too
Guy 2: Yeah sure bro, lord knows I could use some scumpany
by Reverend Pope November 06, 2010
a word to describe a company you hate for whatever reason.
"microsoft is such a scumpany
by c-venn November 14, 2013

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