no brainers from hayes/uxbridge - comprising 90% of local population - identifiable via tribal grade 1 all over, with warlord sovereigns (1/2 sovereigns for juniors) and ear studs. Mostly called Dave but a variety of named species exist. Staple diet of Lager and drugs.
This pub is full of scumboloids again.
by Holmes Place April 07, 2003
Top Definition
Alias 'meathead' or 'bobby hardnuts'. Origin hayes and uxbridge. Low earners from crewcut upon skull with sovereign laced fingers. Often seen with badly done tattoos in Royales discotheque or frequently the old bill in uxbridge. Often seen with beautiful yet brain-dead females.
What's that meathead doin with her.
by Bring back Conti's April 07, 2003
male inhabitant of Uxbridge, west london. key features: grade 1 haircut covering no brain and deep ridged forehead; fingers garnished with sovereign rings (minimum of 4 per hand); white reebok classics on the end of beige drainpipes; hackett shirt; facial scar and neck tattoo optional. see also definition of CUNT.
Look at that cunt/bobby hardnut/scumboloid - what's he doing with that jesus bird?
by Jimothy April 07, 2003
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