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A girl with a bad body but a nice face.
You know that really fat girl? Her face is actually kind of nice. She's such a scuffin muffin.
by DaCoachJr July 31, 2009
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The technical definition of the opposite of butterface: a member of the more feminine sex who's face is more attractive than her body.
Guy A: "You know that girl Lindsay Lohan? Dude, she is the only girl to ever transfer left to right along the Butterface-Scuffin Muffin Spectrum (B-SMS)."
Guy B: "In what way?"
Guy A: "Well her body was really smoking, and her face wasn't that great in comparison, but when she did drugs, she went all emaciated sudanese on us and her face never looked better by comparison."
by Cunty Punter October 16, 2010

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