1. An extra-ordinarily good feeling.

2. An emotion description for utter happiness mixed with uber ecstacy.
I had just shaved my legs, and climbed into my bed which had new satin sheets freshly put on to it. It was soooo scubby, I was overwhelmed by scubbiness.
by Neido February 08, 2007
Top Definition
The perfect blend of scummy and chubby.
Whoa that bitch is scubby!
by matildafelicity18 January 24, 2009
Short for so cute and chubby.
Tayla made up a new word today: scubby. Scubby is her nickname for her new baby cousin Gabriel, who is "so cute and chubby".
by julesmbm November 13, 2014
The aftermath of sex. Any fluids, stains, or diseases that your body or bed have aquired from sex.
"Dude... what the hell is that on your sheets!!! It's red or something?"
"Aww shit man its scubbies!!!"
"I need to wash that shit out."
by Scubbs March 15, 2004
Sweet, Cool
That is a Scubby Car u got there.
Nikkis is a pretty Scubby Person
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
sweet!!! cool!!!
Elena is a pretty scubby girl.
What does mine say...Dude! No dude what does mine say...Scubby!!!
by skuh-bee February 20, 2003
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