The act of placing ones head up a others bum hole and breathing on their farts. this is different than snorkoling which is the act of puting ur head up the bum and pulling out to breath.
Dom: this chick was crazy last night
Ben: what did she do

Dom: she wanted me to go scuba diving in her
Ben:shit thats fucking nasty
by C-LOW25 November 19, 2010
Top Definition
The Act of a man placing one testicle over each nostril of a girl. Then after each testicle is securely in place, placing their cock firmly in her mouth. thus completing the scuba dive.
Kevin "I heard Lindsay died in a scuba diving accident yesterday"
Scott "yeah she suffocated"
Kevin "Suffocated? Don't you mean drowned"
Scott "No..."
by Aztec Scuba Diving Team December 16, 2008
A code word meaning smoking weed. Scuba divers dive down deep beneath the surface of soberness into the depths of the ocean to explore the coral reefer.
Hey man, guess what?! I went Scuba Diving With Jim And Honore' the other day!!
Scuba Diving makes you faster.
by layout420 December 11, 2006
Spending an excessive amount of time in the bathroom/loo/privy, especially when others need to use it. Scuba Diving can interfere with other peoples' busy schedules, as there is much time wasted. Whilst sometimes a person may spend a long time on the toilet due to legitimate natural reasons, roughly 80-90% of Scuba Diving is caused by reading newspapers, making phone calls, or playing around with electronics devices. Scuba Diving can be done by both men and women, but under different circumstances: for instance, women naturally spend absurd amounts of time in the bathroom usually messing around in the mirror as is, whilst men can spend about 30 minutes on the can playing Angry Birds or something.

The term comes from the idea that the reason why the person is in the bathroom so long is because they're literally swimming around in the toilet water rather than doing their intended business.
Ted: For Christ's sake, man, Billy's been in there for like 45 minutes! I have to take a piss really bad!
George: I know, me too -- what the hell is he doing, Scuba Diving in there!?

Roger: Damn it, I got to shit really bad, but there's only one available stall in our building's men's room, and some damn old guy's been in there for ages with his newspaper. God damn it, I hate Scuba Diving!

Jason: Dude, we've been waiting for a fucking long time to go and pick up our pizza. What the hell were you doing in there, Scuba Diving?
Tom: Nah brah, I got the Farmville app!
by Bo Andysin February 10, 2014
Similar to a "snorkel" in which a tall man (a spaniard, for example) leads a much shorter man (e.g. a slavik dwarf) into the sea. When the water becomes too deep for the dwarf to breathe without swimming, the taller man forces the dwarf's head under water and shoves his cock in the dwarf's mouth, mimicking a snorkel. However, scuba diving requires an even taller man (a Pollock, for example) and a much shorter man (a Japanese man), and the two explore the deep crevasses of the ocean floor.

Especially effective if the Japanese man is only half Asian, as he will be less vindictive in the case of resurfacing.
Christian: Chris, would you like to go scuba diving in Gloucester?

Chris: No.
by chr3000 March 16, 2010
Womping out (or) taking an inhalation of nitrous, i.e.- hippie crack, while performing the act of cunnilingus i.e. pussy diving.

safety first.
Mom knocked on the door while I was in the middle of scuba diving and I took another womp before getting out of bed.
by pterodaxel March 20, 2013
Eating out; to perform cunnilingus.
Yesterday I was hanging out with my girlfriend and I got to go scuba diving, it was AWESOME.
by TheCubanBeast May 20, 2010
When a guy slides a hand down his pants without realizing it. Normally happens while watching T.V.
Hey bro my girlfriend is coming over, will you make sure your not scuba diving in front of her like you always do.
by teitezzy January 02, 2011
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