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Someone who has a conscience, cares about the consequences of their actions, someone who has morals and tries to live by them. You have scrupples because you dont burn people to get ahead. You strive to do good and if you do something wrong you realize it and feel bad about it.
The owner of a company surely doesnt have scrupples when he gets a fat raise and doesnt even give his workers a cost of living raise...booerns.
by kdigitydog October 22, 2010
A scrupple is when you tickle/pinch the booty crack skin behind the mans balls, or just before the anus for a female. it is for fun, just to make the person squirm and laugh!
ahh!! im gonna scrupple you!!!
by cutecrab00 February 05, 2008
a word that could mean anything & everything
O scrupples it's all over the floor.

Paging doctor scotty hotty its time for your scrupplectimi
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
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