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noun: a frightening amount of pubic hair
" oh, man noodles I need to shave my scrunge."
by Tesita15 January 02, 2005
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The line of dirt left over between the dust pan and broom that is near impossible to pick up and pisses you off.
Dude 1: "hey I finished sweeping. But I just can't get the Scrunge"
Dude 2: "Damn I hate the Scrunge"

by Newborn Jesus October 03, 2013
A small amount of facial hair on the chin area.
I hate my boyfriends scrunge.
by Rhameil August 05, 2012
Derogatory term used to describe large amounts of unsightly pubic hair. Commonly found on men who don't clean underneath their fingernails they are also a major choking hazard when performing cunnilingus on girls who should get themselves a ladyshaver.
"YUCK! She had a massive scrunge, there were things living in it!"
by Agent-80 October 01, 2005

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