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Scrufulous: (Adj.) A person with the following traits, hobbies, and or possessions.
- Is allergic to anything that may contradict their personal body Oder.

- Owns/spends time with animals that are additive to the Scrufulous' wretched smell (Ferret)
- Will not allow others personal time in the bathroom, may force you out of the bathroom to encourage belief that they may wash.
- Probably works at taco bell
- Buys mass amounts of perishable goods and allows them to rot in the common spaces
- Forms unhealthy obsessions with others who may or may not know they exist

If encountered with a Scrufulous, you should proceed with caution, as they easily become attached. The Scrufulous is a delicate creature surviving on the sole hope to mate with another Scrufulous or simply convince a "Norm" to procreate.
Person one: "God, my room mate is a total Scrufulous! I was taking a shower and he knocked on the door until I came out and then locked me out!"

Person two: "Wait, is that the same one that smells like a pee matted ferret?"

Person one: "Yes, that my Scrufulous room mate."
by Sveiks November 08, 2009
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