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A disease found in the scrotum. Its very dangerous and can cause a lot of harm to the general scrotum area and in some cases it has been fatal. Symptoms include, itchy scrot, lack of BJ's give you a high risk of exposure. Also its a disease I just made up
"Stop scratching your scrot"

"I cant I have scrotosis"

"I have never got a BJ"

"You have scrotosis
by Curny September 04, 2005
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Scrotosis is the rotting away of the scrotum.
Bill: "I think I have scrotosis"
Tom: "Why's that?"
Bill: "Cause my scrotum is rotting, partially missing, and one off my nuts is on the outside hanging there"
Tom: "That sounds awful!"
Bill: "Not really. It's keeping my nuts from getting stuck to the side of my leg"
by Raven Skyhhhhh April 11, 2010

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