The enjoyable transition from one location to another, usually better, location in a group of 2 or more people. One may also be scrollin' simply by exiting a lame situation in hopes of finding a better one. Music is often involved when the transition takes place inside a vehicle.
First person: "Man, this party is lame."
Second person: "I know, right?!"
First person: "Let's scroll."

Driver: "I can't wait to get to Joe's party."
Passenger: "Same here! Let's pump some jams on the way there." (*turns on radio)
Driver: "Now we're scrollin'."
by Berly Rhenolds July 03, 2009
Top Definition
Scrollin' is a term used when a person(s) are showing abnormal behaviour, acting stupid or generally weird.
by diaaanajoy November 09, 2011
Scrollin is rolling a blunt
Yo, whos scrollin this L
by Azimmy January 15, 2007
When a stalkative social media user, scrolls down a person's profile in order to gather information about who the person is seeing, talking to and possibly flirting with.
My friend was scrollin' on a guy's profile and ascertained that he may possibly be involved with a blonde who is well-endowed and may be engaging in coitus and emotional investment with the young man.
by realtalkmynigga November 04, 2012
Scrollin - A confusing term coined by certain parties in a managerial / supervisory role to desribe what they perceive to be a lack of work. When in actual fact the party in question is digesting critical information used to make successful Sales Pitches.
Hey Walker ! Stop Scrollin' and get on with some work !
by Factual Phil August 14, 2008
1. The act of obtaining, buying, collecting, selling, or using a large amount of scrolls in a video game. This is mostly done on online RPG games.
2. Using a teleportation scroll to get out of an area, usually in order to restock, sell items, or escape potentially deadly situations.
I'm going scrollin' at the shop for a second.
Screw this, I'm scrollin' out of here!
by DeathGigasX January 04, 2006
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