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The liberal version of Fox News. A complete joke of a 24-hour news channel (even considering that 24-hour news is a joke to begin with) that is so liberally biased it is pathetic. Refuses to criticize anyone on MSNBC or NBC programs, but demonizes all other news channels. Known to omit a section of news in online videos that has been debunked to show the entire report was an outright lie. Uses the same tactics as Fox News to sensationalize news and to perform character assassination of conservatives. Even matches Fox's worst talking head, Bill O'Reilly, with an equally shit talking head, Keith Olbermann.

The major difference between Fox and MSNBC is that Fox uses token liberals who can't defend their own opinions to effortlessly destroy a dissenting view, while MSNBC just piles bias into a dumpster truck and runs you over with it. Otherwise it is the same limpdick, unprofessional, one-sided reporting that retard party-line voters drool over, because if either side were ever asked the tough questions, people would realize how shit both Republicans and Democrats really are.
The religious right watches Fox, the looney left watches MSNBC, and everyone else debates which one is the worst cable news channel ever, Faux News or PMSNBC.

Fox News: "SE"XBOX Mass Effect Scandal
(Have you even played the game? "No.")

MSNBC: Global Warming "North Pole" Scandal
(This is the North Pole. Wait, penguins? Oops! Just take the penguins out of the online video, no retraction needed!)
by deathgigasx May 21, 2008
1. The act of obtaining, buying, collecting, selling, or using a large amount of scrolls in a video game. This is mostly done on online RPG games.
2. Using a teleportation scroll to get out of an area, usually in order to restock, sell items, or escape potentially deadly situations.
I'm going scrollin' at the shop for a second.
Screw this, I'm scrollin' out of here!
by DeathGigasX January 04, 2006
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