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Damn, that bitch kicked me in the scroggs.
by SpillMonkey July 10, 2008
9 4
To have sex violantly
We scrogged last night
by anonymous March 09, 2003
45 14
1. To Have sexual intercourse with.

2. To error intensely-A disasterousScrew up.
1. "Marry and I scrogged all night long last night-It was good."

2. "I hope I dont scrogg this new keyboard with coke like I did the last one."
by HondaATC March 09, 2005
29 15
To have sex
Me and my old lady scrogged all night last night.
by Grant Martin January 17, 2004
9 1
It means to have sex.
I know they will scrogg tonight.
by Toxxikbene April 07, 2008
9 4
sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex SEX!
one night 3 girls: kaitlin leah and nicole were walking along.. and 5 little *hott* birdies flew by and wispered the word scrogg in there ears.. and this is how the word came to be.. so fuck off. we made it.. not any of your bitch asses!
by kaitlin barnes November 18, 2004
11 25
the guy before me can't spell! haha
spelling error.......i have too much time on my hands.....:(
by Rob hizzle December 04, 2003
11 30