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A Style of pubic hair for men, generally all of the hair in the pubic region is shaved, except for the underside of the balls. a goatee for your testicles.
Some Girl: I was giving that easbomb guy a hand job. and that motherfuckers scroatee was so nasty i almost threw up. he told me hes been growing it for 3 years now and he wont shave it for me.

Some girls friend: U serious? he must have Some mad style to be sportin' such a mean ball beard
by Je23 January 15, 2008
A beard like formation of public hair found only on the scrotum. This is formed as the result of a man not shaving his scrotum (usually out of a fear of hurting himself) but shaving the rest of his pubic hair. The result is a rediculous looking patch of hair forming around the balls.
Alicia - "So I heard that you and Mike started getting pretty sexual... how's that going?"

Allison - "Not bad I guess..."

Alicia - "?"

Allison - "Well when I went to give him head I was glad he was shaved, but then I was really grossed out when I saw, and then felt, his Scroatee."

Alicia - "Ew! That's always so gross, not to mention rediculous looking."
by CleanShaved February 02, 2010
A comical cosmetic surgical practice which involves transplanting the testes onto the chin, where they are allowed to dangle above the neckline.
Theres a man outside looking for you
What's he look like?
About 6 foot 2, medium build, sporting a scroatee
by Jimboy69 January 19, 2009
A horrid organism that has become permanently affixed to KKKarmozyn's chin. Highly resembles the pubic hair on the male scrotum.
Holy SHIT! Check out that guy's scroatee! It's nasty!
by sharpton04 May 01, 2004
when a douche bag decides to start a goatee and its in the peach fuzz early stage.
hey... look at that guys scroatee... what an idiot
by matt_s80 December 14, 2007
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