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An abbrevation for scrotum. Typically used to describe a person with the personality or looks of a ball sack.
He's such a fucking scroate.
by Trev October 03, 2003
A scroate is a girl who had been recognized to be chill enough to such honor.

"Stephanie, Sage and Nicole are all the OG scroates because of they're loyalty and dedication"

Scroate can also be used to define a girl who is in no way an actual scroate but usually the contrary, due to radical self proclamation.
Stephanie, Sage, Nicole, cool enough to.cool it.with the bros and also pound beers and shred the pots, showing how they are a true scroate.
by daddychavs February 22, 2014
A person who is new to an organization
"Don't worry Sarge, I got that scroate cutting the grass with scissors right now"
by ArmyDave October 24, 2006