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the combination of script and print penmanship.
Mrs. Murphy: "John, you're penmanship is beautiful. It's a brilliant combination of script and print. What do you call this enlightened and efficient method of writing?"

John Kelly: "Scrint."
by John Franics Brendan Kelly Jr. February 23, 2009
A deragatory and demeaning term to belittle and degrade the Caucasian-American race.
Non Caucasian-American #1 "These scrints don't know who they messin with."
Non Caucasian-American #2 "Damn scrints! I wish they'd just leave this country. They think they better than us."

Caucasian-American #1: "What's going on scrint?"
Caucasian-American #2: "Nothing much, scrint."
by Jeff Marshall March 09, 2005
The unfortunate admixture of semen and vaginal blood that drips down the leg of your beloved after finishing from a red letter day
'Oh God, that is some nasty scrint!'
by hawkmoose June 20, 2009